John Pizzarelli #254

L’héritier du jazz NYC # 254 ¤ page 28





Le guitariste de jazz nous a fait l’honneur d’un beau moment de musique, le temps d’une improvisation sur un standard de Duke Ellington.



  • Yazid Manou

    John Pizzarelli is a fantastic musician and quite a funny guy !

  • Patrick Brodie

    John Pizzarelli est le meilleure guitariste dans le monde entière. Il faux que vous achetez tous les CDs.

  • John gallagher

    I am a big fan of john because his creativity makes me feel a better humaun being.Luv

  • Cathy DeWitt

    Having first fallen in love with John’s impeccable jazz guitar stylings quite a few years ago, I wasn’t sure how I felt about his foray into singing, first evident to me in his tribute album to Nat King Cole.
    But recently I got to see him live in Jacksonville Florida with the UNF Jazz Ensemble, and the niche he has found for himself is brilliant, creative, and makes for a fabulous listening experience. He is a combination of many things,and uses this to his advantage, combining his instrumental skills with amazing vocal agility, his jazz roots with a pop sensibility, and comedy with musical performance. All of it very well done, and worth a look and a listen whenever you get the chance!


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